Personalised printed balloons by professional balloon printers we can offer you a service that you will not compare, giving you the opportunity to display and promote your company identity using custom printed balloons.

We are certain as one of Europe's leading balloon printers, using over 100,000 latex balloons a week, we have the ability to provide you with a colour range that is second to none.


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A latex balloon is made from 100 percent organic material and it's
100 percent biodegradable. Stress caused by inflation starts this
decomposition cycle. Exposure to sunlight accelerates the process -
oxygen and ozone continue the molecular attack even in the dark.

Research has shown that under similar conditions latex decomposes as quickly
as an oak leaf.

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Our 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility means that we carry enough stock to give you total confidence in our reliability.

For further information and a quotation for a balloon release, drop giveaways, store promotions and decoration please don't hesitate to contact us.

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1000 x 10” 1 colour 1 side. To include a design of your choice £80.00

Latex balloons are produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It is collected without harming the tree by using an environmentally safe, age-old process similar to that used for collecting the sap from maple trees for syrup. Because of rubber's versatility and demand, these tropical rain forest trees are very valuable, highly coveted — and well-protected natural resources. These precious trees play an equally valuable ecological role in the earth's fragile ecological balance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps prevent global warming.

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